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by Scott Tyler
     Eyes of yellow fluttered open sleepily even as a small yawn escaped from their owner's mouth. The owner of said eyes and mouth turned his gaze skyward; the expanse of nothingness that had been pure black throughout the night was beginning to turn a deep blue.
Dawn was coming.
Hydros' gaze left the approaching light of morning and settled on the once blazing camp fire that was now nothing more than a pile of ash and charred wood. Only a few feet from the ash pile was the sleeping form of Hydros' companion, Toa of Fire Moliki.
Must have dozed off for a few hours.
Getting to his feet, the Toa stretched the kinks out of his back and limbs before looking around the clearing he and Moliki had camped in. There were no fresh tracks in the loose dirt, indicating that the Toa hadn't had any curious visitors during the night.
He turned back to where Moliki slept. It was time to wake the rookie Toa and continue their journey. But even as he re
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Shadow Fire Pt.3
Hydros’ senses returned to him as he and Verahk reappeared into existence. Caught off guard, he was unable to block a blow delivered by Verahk, sending the Toa flying in the opposite direction until he finally slammed into the remnants of what appeared to be a fortress.
Managing to get up quickly, Hydros was able to retaliate with a blast from his skyblaster, sending Verahk sprawling. The Toa quickly got to his feet and looked around. The internal scanners of the H10’s helmet making note of the surroundings… or at least what was left of the surroundings. For miles all the scanners managed to see was ruined wasteland and a few fortresses, most of which looked like they had seen better days.
“I trust you have visited the badlands of Zakaz before?”
Turning to Verahk’s voice, Hydros caught a glimpse of a red and black-colored blur just as it slammed into his midsection, sending the Toa sprawling into the dust. As he regained his senses, Hydros saw Ver
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Shadow Fire Pt.2
In a flash of white light the hulking, armored form of Toa Hydros was rudely tossed away from his opponent, and sent skidding across the ground before coming to rest in front of a large pile of debris. He managed to get into a sitting position before half a ton of armor and darkness crashed down on top of him feet first, driving the Toa into the pavement.
Why does Helryx insist on giving me the tough missions?, Hydros thought in a daze as he heard the distant cries of surprise and fear coming from fleeing Vortixx.
Hydros’ senses were just returning to him when Verahk’s talons sank into his armor, lifted the dazed Toa above the Makuta’s head, and threw him from the small crater the impact hade made.
Hydros hit the ground with a audible thud. Though his Exo-Frame was taking the majority of the damage, Hydros was still aching from being tossed around like a play toy.
Unwilling to be caught off guard again, the Toa rolled to the right just as Verahk’s armored fee
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Shadow Fire Pt.1
Chapter One:
IMPORTANT! Please view The Hydros Chronicles #47 before reading this story.
He watched over the prone form of his red and green-armored foe, his crimson eyes never wavering even as panicked Matoran ran this way and that. They held no importance to this individual… at least not now.
For his foe, the impact after suddenly materializing three stories above a busy street in Le-Metru would not have resulted in unconsciousness had he been expecting it; but as Makuta Verahk often told his students, one could never expect a battle to go as planned.
That was one of the things Verahk loved about combat: The unpredictability that could allow anything to happen.
Verahk was brought back from the world of his musings by the sound of armor scrapping against the pavement. He chuckled as he watched the hulking figure pull itself into a kneeling position.
“I suppose that new contraption of yours doesn’t provide as much protection as you originally thought.” Verahk heckle
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Scott Tyler
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Could somebody suggest a good creature feature book/novel? I've just finished the MEG series by Steve Alten (awesome) and I'm currently halfway through "Deeper" (the author's name escapes me at the moment XP). Can anyone help me out?

Anyone know if "Kronos" by Jeremy Robinson is any good?


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